a critic about: “representation in architecture” *

the practice of representation has always been an architect’s main tool for design thinking. it is interesting at the current moment to analyse how this tool has evolved from hand drawing to parametric modeling and augmented reality, which is why we have made an overview of different approaches to representation in architecture. //domus magazine, 2012 march issue

a critic about: “theory making in architecture: knowledge/ discourse/ praxis” *

it is possible to discuss theory making in architecture through the “flow” from knowledge, discourse and praxis. first of all knowledge in architecture is problematic.  whether we accept architectural design needs knowledge we have to indicate the sources. it could be both scientific and philosophic. second one includes the experimental process of our behaviors andOkumaya devam et “a critic about: “theory making in architecture: knowledge/ discourse/ praxis” *”

a critic about: “dematerialization in architecture” *

the word “materiality” can be found interesting as a linguistic approach in turkish, because of its two different use, it leads us to think in both way: first one is refer to “tangible” as a conceptual meaning, and the second one is related with “architectural rhetoric” which gives us a building material “image” or “statement”.Okumaya devam et “a critic about: “dematerialization in architecture” *”